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All you can eat - Churrasco BBQ, Daily from 5:00pm to 00:30am
Brunch Saturday and Sunday from 11:00am to 5:00pm

“Gaúcho por Tradição”

The Tradition of Gauchos

In the early 1800's, European immigrants settled in the great fertile plains of southern Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, called the “Pampas”. Rising cattle was their primary way of life and the men were known as “Gauchos”.

It is their unique way of preparing CHURRASCO, which has inspired restaurateurs and discerning meat lovers worldwide to follow these culinary traditions to this day.

After butchering a cattle, the Gauchos would gather together and skewer large junks of meat to immediately barbecue them over a wood burning fire. The slow-cooked meat, soaking in its own juices, resulted in tender and tasty steak cuts.

At EL Toro House of Meat we offer an authentic Brazilian Churrasco dining experience, where our customers can enjoy the Rodízio with all the traditional side dishes, served by our trained staff. The Churrasco (barbecue) is served straight from the burning fire, offering the characteristic flavor. Different cuts are continuously served to the table by our chefs in one-by-one repetitive order, until our customers are completely satisfied.

The Rules of the Churrascaria

What are the rules applying this evening?

Our Guests often wonder if there are any rules applicable during the evening in the Churrascaria, and want to make sure their investment will be a good one as they really plan to taste the best meat there is and be fully satisfied when they are finished.

It is always a pleasure to reassure them and explain how we operate.

You will love us

You will love our great variety of local and imported high quality beef, as well as lamb, pork, chicken and seafood.

Selected Wines

Wine that will go perfectly with your meal following the suggestions from our sommelier.

Great Ambiance

We choose the music to reflect your special experience and we will always deliver it softly